Sukkahville Design Competition


As part of the Sukkahville Design Competition in Toronto, organized by the Kehilla Residential Programme, Christina Zeibak and Daphne Dow were selected as winners for their ‘Hegemonikon’ exhibition. The seat of the soul which rules and guides all the others, the project is considered to exist within the heart of all living things. The complete development of the human Hegemonikon comprises absolute rationality; it chooses action according to reason. This philosophy was the foundation and inspiration behind the design concept of this project. More images and the designers’ description after the break.


The Sukkah is simply fabricated from a stack of plywood, spaced apart and hollowed, allowing enough transparency to be inclusive yet enough density to create a sense of being. This design captures the juxtaposition between the simplicity of the plywood and the complexity of the void. As per the Hegemonikon philosophy, once you enter the space, you have left your past: it offers a space in the present where one can mediate upon their future and reflect upon their experiences.


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